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You should read “University Series (one direction)” on #wattpad #fanfiction

PREVIEW: The two boys didn’t notice Liam. They were too engrossed in talking about a past game that Zayn let out a yelp when Liam fell into his lap and wrapped his arms around Zayn’s neck. After Niall realized what was happening he started cackling at Zayn’s surprised face. Zayn playfully scowled. “Hi Liam” He muttered. Liam chuckled, a big grin on his face. “hey babe. How you doin’?” Liam kissed his boyfriend of exactly one year and four months cheek. “I’m dandy” Zayn kept up his act, but wrapped his arms around his boyfriends waist pulling his slightly closer. Liam took off Zayn’s snapback and switched with his own, a thing the two always did. He put them on backwards. Zayn couldn’t help but let a small grin form on his lips. Liam snuggled deeper into Zayn’s arms and laid his head on Zayn’s shoulder. Niall let out a loud “aw” making the two boys blush.
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